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 Name:   James Vallely
 City: Galway
 Country: Ireland
 Comment:  12/9/2015 10:33:47 AM 

Just checking in and having a look )

 Name:   Judy Devlin
 City: Albuquerque
 Country: United States
 Comment:  10/6/2015 5:44:26 PM 


My paternal grandmother was Ellen (Nellie) Vallely born in Pennsylvania, died in Indiana. She married Edward Devlin who was born in Scotland. Edward's family was from Macherfelt, Ireland. Her parents were John P Vallely (Belfast 1842) and Rose Anne Gilmore (Ohio). John's parents were John P Vallely (Belfast 1819) and Rose McKendrie.

Looking for any interested in sharing information for Vallely or Devlins. Thanks!

 Name:   Brownie MacKie
 Country: United States
 Comment:  1/3/2015 1:43:59 PM 

We have a DNA match on FTDNA. I looked at your tree and found GRADY. I accidentally "happened" into your site. My grandmother's maiden name was Grady. Just curious as to whether I've found our connection or not. It's dubious. If so, I'd like to see more on your Gradys. They're rare here.

Mrs. Brownie MacKie

 Name:   eric n kemer
 City: ny
 Country: United States
 Comment:  12/15/2014 3:05:48 PM 

Dear Gen Vallely
I saw your name by accident on a web site as I'm a Christian Conservative many years forced to live in liberal leftist nyc (only nice to visit) and can send you very interesting articles to read.
what is some address to write you
in regards
eric n. kemer

 Name:   Thomas Vallely
 City: Manchester
 Country: United Kingdom
 Comment:  12/2/2014 9:06:07 AM 

Hi, I'm from Manchester, England my grandfather was from Armagh, N.Ireland. Interested in finding out the history of our name as I have heard it is French originally. Great to see so many people with our surname!Long Live Vallely's!

 Name:   Paul Vallely 
 Country: Ireland
 Comment:  6/28/2014 3:42:31 PM 

A couple of points re the name, probably old - very old Irish, rather than the more romantic Spanish notion. The red & black thing is no more than what what it appears. Hair color. My son is very dark (almost Spanish looking) my daughter is red haired with lots of freckles.. There was a very interesting program on Irish TV a few years back exploring the Irish DNA. Looks like the origins of the Irish (and the Celts in general) is actually Northern Spain.. so..we're not Spanish looking.. they are Celtic looking..

 Name:   Genevieve Poyser
 City: Manitoba
 Country: Canada
 Comment:  6/22/2014 10:35:24 AM 

I am looking for Elizabeth (Liz) Vallely that taught on a teacher exchange in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. She taught kindergarten. My son Nigel was in her class. She and I were very good friends. We lost touch when she moved from Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow. She was to marry Robert - I do not know his last name.

 Name:   Stephen P. Donella
 City: Holmes Beach, Fl.
 Country: United States
 Comment:  4/20/2014 11:36:35 AM 

I played shortstop from 1962-1966 for Jack's Curry Colonels.Enjoyed every minute of our experiences with those teams. I am proud to have played for him and it is very satisfying to witness all of his achievements,and recognition for his baseball efforts and other responsibilities.

Steve Donella Sr.

 Name:   Ruth Hundley
 City: OFallon, IL
 Country: United States
 Comment:  1/25/2014 5:16:57 PM 

Hello Tom,
In doing collateral lines I have come to your John Rathburn 'n familiy.
I come down from bro., Samuel, mar. to Patience Coggeshall of Block Is.
to dau., Waitstill mar. to Thomas ***ens > Neomy mar. Jos. Mitchell > Freelove mar. to Caleb Olin of Canton, NY and then mig. grandson, AA Olin to IL...
Would love to visit and share info if you are interested.
Ruth in IL

 Name:   Craig Vallely
 City: Head of muir , denny
 Country: United Kingdom
 Comment:  1/21/2014 3:08:22 PM 

Great site , I enjoyed looking through it

Craig Vallely :

 Name:   Gerard Vallely
 City: New York
 Country: United States
 Comment:  1/6/2014 12:14:40 PM 

My father was John Gerard Vallely of Keady (or more specifically Cladymore) Co. Armagh Ireland

 Name:   Peter
 City: Austin TX
 Country: United States
 Comment:  11/30/2013 11:36:43 AM 

We are interested in hosting a speaking event for the General in the Austin TX area. How do we go about making contact?

Thank you.

 Name:   Michael Vallely
 City: Sydney
 Country: Australia
 Comment:  11/21/2013 5:23:18 AM 

G'Day from Australia.
Not many Vallely's in Australia.
Your website is great.
I'm sure that there's some connection between the northeastern USA Vallely's & the Australian & New Zealand side.

Tom Vallely Replied on: 8/10/2015 8:20:53 AM:

Just noticed your post. I think most of the Australian Vallelys came from a teenage Vallely who was sent to Australia from London for theft. I have to pull out some old research but I think his name was Michael and he was 14 and probably hungry. I imagine Australia was heaven compared to London

 Name:   Mary Coleman
 City: Ridgefield, CT
 Country: United States
 Comment:  11/16/2013 8:53:54 PM 

My maternal grandmother, Rose Agnes Vallely, daughter of William Vallely and Rose Finn, was from Moy, Co Tyrone in N. Ireland, which is on the border with Co. Armagh. She and her brothers emigrated to the US with their father after their mother passed away. There were Vallely relatives in both Tyrone and Armagh. My grandmother thought the Vallely name had roots in France.

 Name:   Michael Cudd-Vallely
 City: Birmingham
 Country: United Kingdom
 Comment:  9/16/2013 8:51:40 AM 

attached image I mother is Wendy Vallely and my Grandfather is Peter Vallely. I heard something about a Spanish heritage possibly going to Ireland during the Spanish armada.

 Name:   martin vallely
 City: armagh
 Country: Ireland
 Comment:  5/20/2012 12:44:45 PM 

my father was from derrynoose outside keady and my mother was eileen taggart from keady

 Name:   gerard vallely
 City: hull
 Country: United Kingdom
 Comment:  4/9/2012 6:42:57 AM 

I have heard the family name has a Spanish history.Has anyone researched our potential Spanish roots,and if so which area of Spain do we come from?
Many thanks
Gerard Vallely

 Name:   Heather Hunt
 City: Elgin
 Country: United States
 Comment:  4/8/2012 8:31:13 PM 

Nice to find Valelly relatives. My great-grandmother was Anna Valelly of Dixon, IL Her parents were John and Mary of Ireland, who moved to Scotland in the 1840s and then to the USA in 1851. Would love to find relatives.

 Name:   Paul McGuire
 City: East Sandwich, MA
 Country: United States
 Comment:  3/12/2012 6:59:00 AM 

Grandfather Thomas Vallely (armagh, Ireland) Married a Mary Quinn around 1920. Any connection?

This is all on my Mother's side. I have Thomas's father Grandfather also if you are interested. Thanks

 Name:   ann vallely 
 City: belfast
 Country: Ireland
 Comment:  2/28/2012 3:00:29 PM 

I was once told that the name Vallely originated from France and was brought to Ireland by the Hogonuts?? who came to Ireland to escape religious persecution in France because they were Protesants

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